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4.35 /5 基于 103 位顾客的评价
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  1. Elegant & Functional Design
  2. Releases Co2/H2o to attract Mosquitos
  3. Easy to Clean
  4. Multiple ways to plug-in
  5. User & Environmental Friendly
  6. One Tap to Activate
  7. UV light up to 40.000 hours usage
  8. Near Noiseless (29db)




MBOX designed by QM. Innovative trap designed to catch mosquitoes using CO2/H2O without the use of CO2 canisters. Portable and powerful with an elegant design to blend in with your furniture.

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MBOX, by using photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts mosquitos.

 Since Co2 and moisture is one of the most important tracking mechanism mosquito’s use, I am sure this is definitely worth a try.

Designed with Elegancy

MBOX has had a long road of development, to be able to create the world smallest and efficient mosquito trap. Designed and created by multiple engineering teams to validate and confirm the actual performance of the MBOX. With years of testing and experience gained we have developed the MBOX, from the shape to the internal structure.

Since the MBOX is made for indoor use we have specifically tailored it and designed it to be user friendly and harmless for your family. Instead of using the traditional electric shock, MBOX uses a fan to suck in the mosquito and dehydrate the insect. With just a simple touch and go design the MBOX is easy to use and also works on-the-go (USB powered) when you are going out for a pick-nick.

The MBOX is tailored to be small and efficient with an elegant design to blend into its surroundings.
We at QM believe we have created a product that will fulfill your needs, elegant, efficient and most important, a mosquito free environment and all the dangers they bring.

Innovation and Technology

 QM’s design team consists of a team with many years of experience in design. With constant research and development we strive with a burning passion to be the best. Combining elegant design with advanced technological functionality and finished with a touch of luxury. MBOX is designed from the bottom up and is assembled without any screws; with just a gentle twist the MBOX can be disassembled to remove any unwanted “dead” mosquitos. In order to achieve the pinnacle of Innovation and Technology we have done numerous researches and tests on how to retain functionality with an elegant design.


Efficiency and User-friendly

 MBOX uses a new and highly effective method to catch mosquitoes. First we have to understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) in order to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victim through CO2 up to a range of 50meters, combined with the sense of smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victim. MBOX uses a new method developed by Akira Fujishima (President of the Tokyo University of Science), this method uses photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a highly attractive smell for female mosquitoes. Once close enough the near-silent fan(less than 29db) of the MBOX sucks in the mosquito and prevent it from escaping. Because of the near-silent design the MBOX can be placed anywhere without any harm to its environment, like a baby room/bed room/living room etc.


  • Height:198mm
  • Width:120mm
  • Diameter:120mm
  • Weight:415gram
  • Boxed: 1005gram

103 个评价于 MBOX

  1. 5 / 5


    We have had these traps running non stop for 2 weeks. It is currently the middle of Winter in South Louisiana and we are still able to catch mosquitoes in our children’s rooms. We have had no trouble out of these units to date. Functions as both a nightlight and mosquitoes trap for our young ones. I’ve seen bad reviews about these traps but we have no complaints. Buy it, it’s worth it!

  2. 5 / 5


    This is a must if you have mosquitoes. I have 1.5 acres and am surrounded by wetlands, it was so bad that at dusk you could not go outside without getting eaten alive. I set this up about 50′ away from my house on top of 55gal drum and plugged it in. 3 days later I went out to see how well it was working and there was a significant reduction of mosquitoes then and I would have given this 5 stars then after 1 week my family was able to be out in the yard all the way till it was dark out and didn’t get a single bite. If I could give this 10 stars I would do so in a heartbeat.

  3. 4 / 5


    Has done a good job trapping bugs over the past year. I have this on a timer for 5 hours after sunset. The bulbs went out after one year and is the only reason I am giving it a 4

  4. 3 / 5


    Contrary to the somewhat generic description for all models produced by this manufacturer, and contrary to the representations on the box it came in, this device is definitely for indoor use only. For the short time it did function on our back patio, it did not attract much of anything even though it was in a mosquito rich environment. This has already been returned. The ratings it got do not accurately reflect the product.

  5. 5 / 5


    This is the second MBOX we have owned. The first still working in my kitchen

  6. 5 / 5


     This is the second one for us. The first was lost in Hurricane Katrina and it really worked too. We have built back on the Mississippi coast and the mosquitos can really be bad. After about 5 weeks of the trap FULL of mosquitos(and gnats)the colonies must be completely gone. We have a church group of 17 kids and 4 councellors here today and not a single bite! now is all the best.

  7. 3 / 5


    I was extremely sceptical that this contraption would work, but I was desperate for relief. The mosquitoes were flocking into the house via the doggy door. We were getting eaten alive. It was miserable.

  8. 5 / 5


    Works very well indoors, does a sufficient job outside.
    I had a 1 mosquito in my house that bit me, my husband and my dog. I tried “natural” yeast traps, fans, sticky paper and was still plagued by this ONE mosquito for 2 weeks. I ordered the MBOX, and 1 day later, that little bastard was in the trap, dying the miserable death he deserves. No more bites. Much more sleep!

  9. 4 / 5


    The MBOX mosquito trap works great at capturing bugs. Currently, there are very few mosquito out right now. I do live near several tree lines, and throughout the season the mosquito’s are a little annoying. So far the trap has caught some gnats, flies, and 2 mosquito’s. I have only had it plugged in for several days. Overall, the MBOX mosquito trap works great and well be used for many years. I will update if there are any issues.

  10. 4 / 5


    I think it worked, I had sprayed the backyard with some stuff I bought from Amazon and had one of these hausbell going all summer. We had very little rain so I’m not sure how effective it was, but there were a lot of bugs emptied from the trap. looks good

  11. 4 / 5


    After several weeks of use, I’ve found it effective in ridding our house of bugs. I turn it on with lights out, and turn it off in the morning. Rather than succumb to the curiosity EVERY day, I suggest not opening it for a while – bugs caught recently WILL zoom out when you open the basket, but can’t really get out, otherwise.

  12. 4 / 5


    We’re using it to catch small insects (gnats or something like that) that are attracted to the fresh fruit we always have here. As it’s garden fruit it’s often slightly damaged and the insects go for that.

  13. 4 / 5


    This does capture the little guys, don’t know if it gets the smallest ones but we see very few flying around now so I guess it’s working. I’d like slightly smaller holes in the mesh bottom to make sure it captures the smallest gnats but otherwise it seems to work.

  14. 5 / 5


    This trap works very well. I almost completely stopped being bit by the mosquitoes within 24 hours of turning it on. It has been running for several weeks and continually traps mosquitoes and the flying insects.

  15. 4 / 5


    Gave it some some friends with a 1/4 acre back yard and they were able to sit outside for the first time in years without being bothered by insects !!


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