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  1. Elegant & Functional Design
  2. Releases Co2/H2o to attract Mosquitos
  3. Easy to Clean
  4. Multiple ways to plug-in
  5. User & Environmental Friendly
  6. One Tap to Activate
  7. UV light up to 40.000 hours usage
  8. Near Noiseless (29db)




MBOX designed by QM. Innovative trap designed to catch mosquitoes using CO2/H2O without the use of CO2 canisters. Portable and powerful with an elegant design to blend in with your furniture.

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MBOX, by using photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts mosquitos.

 Since Co2 and moisture is one of the most important tracking mechanism mosquito’s use, I am sure this is definitely worth a try.

Designed with Elegancy

MBOX has had a long road of development, to be able to create the world smallest and efficient mosquito trap. Designed and created by multiple engineering teams to validate and confirm the actual performance of the MBOX. With years of testing and experience gained we have developed the MBOX, from the shape to the internal structure.

Since the MBOX is made for indoor use we have specifically tailored it and designed it to be user friendly and harmless for your family. Instead of using the traditional electric shock, MBOX uses a fan to suck in the mosquito and dehydrate the insect. With just a simple touch and go design the MBOX is easy to use and also works on-the-go (USB powered) when you are going out for a pick-nick.

The MBOX is tailored to be small and efficient with an elegant design to blend into its surroundings.
We at QM believe we have created a product that will fulfill your needs, elegant, efficient and most important, a mosquito free environment and all the dangers they bring.

Innovation and Technology

 QM’s design team consists of a team with many years of experience in design. With constant research and development we strive with a burning passion to be the best. Combining elegant design with advanced technological functionality and finished with a touch of luxury. MBOX is designed from the bottom up and is assembled without any screws; with just a gentle twist the MBOX can be disassembled to remove any unwanted “dead” mosquitos. In order to achieve the pinnacle of Innovation and Technology we have done numerous researches and tests on how to retain functionality with an elegant design.


Efficiency and User-friendly

 MBOX uses a new and highly effective method to catch mosquitoes. First we have to understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) in order to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victim through CO2 up to a range of 50meters, combined with the sense of smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victim. MBOX uses a new method developed by Akira Fujishima (President of the Tokyo University of Science), this method uses photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a highly attractive smell for female mosquitoes. Once close enough the near-silent fan(less than 29db) of the MBOX sucks in the mosquito and prevent it from escaping. Because of the near-silent design the MBOX can be placed anywhere without any harm to its environment, like a baby room/bed room/living room etc.


  • Height:198mm
  • Width:120mm
  • Diameter:120mm
  • Weight:415gram
  • Boxed: 1005gram

103 个评价于 MBOX

  1. 5 / 5


    Can’t believe how well this works. We live on a farm and it seriously cleared up the area by the house and garage within a couple days.

  2. 5 / 5


    This insect trap works pretty well. Over the course of two months I noticed it had trapped a lot of insects. I am not so sure how many mosquitos it captured, but it didn’t seem like a huge amount. It did capture a lot of moths.

    I did notice insects; flies and various other bugs would sometimes hang out on the outside of the trap. This tells me it doesn’t have the extra drawing power to bring them into the trap. When approached or disturbed, they would fly away. This struck me as strange, as it seemed to work on just some types of insects, not all. I deducted one point because of this.

    Included was a small brush and screwdriver. It is necessary to first remove a tiny screw, then untwist the base to remove the bug reservoir. Do this procedure away from your home, as many are still alive and will fly out as soon as set free. The internal portion and the fan blade were “dirtied” by moth wing powder, but this wipes off with a wet cloth.

    I plan on getting a second unit or perhaps a different model as this proved effective enough to warrant the additional coverage. One for the back of the house/yard and one for the deck. I would recommend this product and would buy it again.

    You will still need long sleeves, at times, to guard against mosquitos. I use repellent only when I know there is no other alternative.

  3. 4 / 5


    Came into a place with a nearby marsh and horrible mosquitoes in MN. Out for 3 minutes and you had a dozen bites. Put it up and the weather got a bit colder and wetter. However, the trap had quite a good size pile after a month of hanging, making us happy with the results. There’s still occasional mosquitoes, but they have been noticeably reduced. The pile was almost all moquitoes. A few moths too. No bees. No flies that I could see either, but they weren’t bad this year.
    Three stars since it could also have something to do with the weather. If the Amazon people can remind me next Summer, I’ll update. I think for the price, not a bad solution so far.

  4. 5 / 5


    Absolutely works. But, you need to keep it clean. Moths will gunk it up if you do not keep on bottom of it.

  5. 5 / 5


    This QM mosquito trap has really kept the mosquitos down. I thought we would have to also spray the yard every ten days but the trap as worked without spraying! I’ve noticed a few mosquitos after a heavy rain but nothing like we had before the trap. I would highly recommend this product. It will take a few days for it to work especially if you have a heavy mosquito problem as we did. Now I can actually stand in my yard and not get a bite. We also have a lot of trees in the yard which will make the mosquito problem worse. I believe if it could help our yard it can help anyone’s.

  6. 5 / 5


    So glad i spent the money on this, it really has improved our outdo life!

  7. 3 / 5


    Does collect a lot of bugs quickly. Just few mosquitos. Probably worth having for the few it gets and just to get rid of all bugs.

  8. 5 / 5


    I love this thing. I live in San Antonio and I moved into an apartment overlooking the river walk. I was excited to move in, then found out my balcony was useless because I have that “lil’ sumpin’ sumpin'” that makes mosquitos go mad for my blood. This year I put this thing out and I was genuinely surprised how well it did keeping the mosquitos under control. I run it 24/7 but I can’t place it away 20′ from my balcony as I’m on the second floor.

    This device actually allows me to sit on my balcony past sunset without getting bit once!

  9. 5 / 5


    I have small fenced in back yard, the1/2 acre(80±’ radius) worked as they described it. First two week (24hr operation) yielded little no noticeable reduction in mosquitoes. By the sixth week about 95-97% reduction ( I live in SE Florida) so there is a noticeable reduction. I would not expect 100%, but I can seat outside a dusk with maybe two or three determined mosquitoes as opposed to 25-50. The first time I emptied the catcher ( 2 weeks) I had caught a large number of small moths, so I reduced the entrance opening by a third to exclude them.

  10. 5 / 5


    This is the second mosquito trap I bought. This is for another property. It does a very good job trapping mosquitoes and other flying insects. I’ve had the other one for at least three years. It’s work quite well. It doesn’t catch every mosquito, but it makes a big difference. I probably have to buy a replacement bulb for the older mosquito trap. I can say it is very effective .

  11. 5 / 5


    Going on the second week. collecting a lot of bugs. It’s going to take time on the mosquitos. That’s the reason we bought it. We are running it 24 hrs a day. We have it hung on a shepherds hook which is doing great. Giving it 5 stars because it is collecting bugs. Only time and patience for the mosquitos 😊

  12. 3 / 5


    I’m not quite sure just HOW well this device is working. It CERTAINLY attracts a variety of bugs, Mosquitoes included! We recently moved while owning this device, and have found a drastic change in the types of bugs collected, so user environment IS clearly a factor.

    Our heavily shaded yard is still unusable after 1 month of use with this, although Citronella torches ARE providing additional help (although I would question whether deterring them from your yard would diminish this Traps ability to work effectively).

    Essentially, if you CAN afford to take a gamble on this device, it seems hit or miss. It definitely made an impact at our previous residence! The yard was full sun and urban. But our suburban shaded lot seems to not seen a dramatic improvement yet however.

  13. 4 / 5


    I bought one of these for my garage. I was getting bitten by bugs when I went in there, but I never really saw anything. I put one of these in there and let it run for a couple of weeks and it really worked. I am buying two more for some other areas. It has to be pretty dark for this to attract the bugs though, so keep that in mind.


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