Mosquitoes are like homing missiles

Mosquitoes are like homing missiles

Everyone knows that mosquitoes can home into their targets and suck them before they even know they are sucked. They have advanced radars that can track targets up to 50 meters and home in to the target and strike before they even know what hit them.

How can a mosquito be so accurate and always find the right target, the answer is easy; every living creature on this planet gives off a specific scent and leaves a trace of Co2. A mosquito can track this Co2 back to its origin from up to 50 meters, 50 meters for a little mosquito is like a few miles for us humans. .Around 5-10 meters the mosquito is able to vision the human and when close enough it uses thermal plume and moisture (H2o) to detect where to hit the magnet.

Another amazing feature that the mosquito has is they are able to smell and differentiate targets. Someone with higher cholesterol (usually heavier folks) is more likely to become a target for mosquitos. And last but not least mosquitoes can detect moisture and home into the target and find the specific spot to bite, usually the spot where it is easy to take blood from (thin skin).

So if we are talking that mosquitos are like homing missiles, airplanes also have flares to reroute the missiles to hit the flares instead. YES, there is something that exists like a flare for the mosquito. There have been a few products recently storming up the market and thanks to a certain doctor named Akira Fujishima we have the perfect flare for mosquitos.

One of these new traps developed by QM is called the MBOX, by using photo catalysis of titanium dioxide (also known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts mosquitos. Since Co2 and moisture is one of the most important tracking mechanism mosquito’s use, I am sure this is definitely worth a try.

Co2 Mosquito Trap 1 - Mosquitoes are like homing missiles